The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya English Translation

It’s been a while, but the waiting is over. I’m surprised how patient the fans have been while waiting for this; I’ve seen much worse.

It merely took the translators and editors ~70 days to bring the two new novels in English for us. Click on the links for their contact information and in Megax’ and Yumeka’s case, their own posts about the release of the translations. I highly recommend visiting Megax’s post; it’s much more elaborate than mine and includes a more detailed credits list. If you can’t find something here, you might find it on Megax’ post. But first things first; let’s give our heartfelt thanks to all of them!

Kaisos Erranon

Before I continue, I want you to be aware of what you’re doing if you decide to download and read the translations. All rights are with the original authors Nagaru Tanigawa, Noizi Ito and the respective publishers for each region. Remember that these translations are by no means official and are translated by fans who spent hours of their free time trying to bring the novel to us as soon as possible.
Promise me one thing before you do; support the series and buy the official English version of the novels when they’re released.

Finally, here are the links you’ve been waiting for:
The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (First Part) – Links taken down as planned
The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya (Final Part) – Links taken down as planned
Special Bonus: Rainy Day PDF/ePub
The Observation Of Haruhi Suzumiya (Official Fanbook)  – PDF

Epilogue and Rainy Day has been redone and here’s the reason Ultimatemegax has given us:

“I’ve gone back and worked on the Epilogue to better voice Sasaki since I feel she wasn’t given a proper translation. I’ve even gone back and re-edited Rainy Day, to make her dialogue make more sense due to something in these novels.”

The PDF file for the Final Part may end in ‘part1′, but it’s actually the whole thing. Just ignore it as it was an upload error on Megax’ side and WordPress automatically adds a number for files uploaded with the same name.

I’ve written my opinion and analysis of the novels below. It contains massive spoilers and is intended to be read after you’ve read the novels themselves. You’ve been warned.


Most things I’ve written in my previous impression post still stands. Consider this a continuation on that post. So for my full opinion, please read that post too.

We all already had a basic idea of what’s going on after reading Chapter 4, Chapter 9, Final Chapter and the Epilogue. The details were missing but they’re available now. Although not much new information is given plot-wise, we do get a lot of entertaining dialog between Kyon and Itsuki, Sasaki, Yasumi and even Fujiwara.

How Yasumi wormed herself into the brigade and her personality is one of the few new interesting information plot-wise in the newly translated chapters. If you ever wondered how Haruhi would be like if she wasn’t always scowling and melancholic, but instead had an off-the-scale cutesy factor, Yasumi is your answer. Hints were dropped left and right that Yasumi resembled Haruhi in many ways. Her signature smiley pin was probably made by Haruhi to reflect Yasumi’s personality. She’s a pretty entertaining character. I now better understand why she couldn’t become a full-time brigade member, although I still hope she makes an appearance again in the future.

Yasumi’s intervened twice to prevent the α-timeline becoming the β-timeline. First there was the phone call; Kyon got a call from Yasumi instead of Sasaki, leading to Kyon not meeting up with Sasaki and others. The second time was Sasaki visiting Kyon’s home, same as before, Kyon got a visit from Yasumi instead. This led to Sasaki not calling Kyon the next day to the final showdown. In β-10 there was an accidental meeting between Kyon and Yasumi. Yasumi was supposed to be in Kyon’s house by that time but she flunked. Isn’t she cute?

The conversation between Kyon and Itsuki didn’t stand out too much in my opinion. The topic was mainly Yasumi in one timeline and Sasaki in the other timeline, but Itsuki can’t help but fantasize and comment about the close relationship between Kyon and Haruhi. Itsuki also showed that even though he might be a total failure in playing boardgames, he can probably totally trash Kyon in sports. I do wonder what Itsuki is planning by sending Kyon and Haruhi to the same university.

Sasaki still continues to climb the ladder of ‘one of the best characters of all times!’. Suddenly visiting Kyon and having a 1on1 chat is just her way of giving Kyon a big pep-talk. The translators really did a good job translating Sasaki’s words, as they were probably pretty complicated.  During the time in Kyon’s home she also dropped quite a few heavy lines, telling Kyon he had to choose between Haruhi and her. Fujiwara might act all tough, but he’s still ten years to early to beat Sasaki in a battle of words.
I still can’t imagine how her signature giggle sounds like. I mean, just try going ‘kukuku’ yourself! It doesn’t even sound like you’re laughing. If Sasaki didn’t so clearly deny it herself, all facts points to that she’s infatuated with Kyon.

The only complaint I have against Kyon is that despite his resolve, he didn’t really do much except being the mediator of it all. Of course there’s his leap of faith to save Haruhi, but other than that, he seems just the eyes we see the story through. Though his narratives are still amazingly hilarious, I can’t help but find that this post-Disappearance Kyon did too little in this story arc.

Well that concludes my analysis and opinion of the newly translated chapters. It let the characters themselves take center stage instead of the exact events, as is the same with how the novel is written in my opinion. All in all, Surprise is absolutely a worthy addition to the Haruhi-storylne. Not everyone will like it a lot, except the Yuki-fans, but I find this main story arc just slightly less good than Disappearance. Sasaki was just too entertaining to read.

Feel free to discuss further in the comments.

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49 Responses to The Surprise of Haruhi Suzumiya English Translation

  1. John Smith says:

    I think this translation was great. Yes there were errors and typos, but I’ve read far worse fan translations where nothing makes any sense. I thought this was great, and I was happy to see that I wouldn’t have to wait another 2-3 years to read these books in English. The story was great, one of my favourite story arcs (though I don’t think Kyon did enough he was more just a viewer of the events). I was a little disappointed that this was not the final Haruhi Suzumiya book (which is what I had thought), but was also happy to hear that there will be more books at the same time. I always find that this is a series that a want to never end, but contradictory to that, I also desperately want to know how it ends. I do hope that Kyon eventually get’s to use his trump card and say to Haruhi “I’m John Smith” (I know he did that in the disappearance, but i want to see it happen in the normal world and not an alternate world or timeline).

    I’m now just praying that there isn’t another 4 year wait until the next book.

  2. grateful person says:

    If someone sends me the pdf files I would be eternally grateful! I will buy the official translations when they come out; I just don’t want to have to wait till 2013 to read them. I can’t find them anywhere on the net =(

  3. strife212 says:

    :/ I missed the files

    I actually own the novels too, I just can’t read Japanese.

  4. Neko_Arc_Brunestud says:

    Thanks for the novels.

    What I’m MOST interested in though is what program you use to convert to ePub?

    • I used Aspose.Words Express to convert the original DOCX file into ePub. I tested them with a plugin for firefox and they appeared alright except for the table of contents, so I left them as-is.

  5. aak says:

    Thanks alot for the translation, folks. I’m from Russia, and SuzuHaru franchise is somewhat stuck in here (only the first anime season has been translated and published officially). Of course, I’ve read all the previously published volumes (BakaTsuki were superb) up to the 9th one and was eagerly awaiting for the conclusion of the series. Obviously, now we see that even the 11th volume is not the final one, hehe. So it’s absolutely great to read it in a language I can comprehend. Great job, everyone!

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